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Virtual Assistance

We offer a range of virtual assistance services from one-off projects to ongoing administration support to help keep your business ticking along in busy times.

Dedicated Support When You Need It Most

Virtual assistants help alleviate the time pressures from the general day to day tasks and allow you to spend your time where it is most valuable. They can assist your business with almost any task as well as any one-off projects that may be thrown your way, keeping your schedule clear and your business running smoothly.

Our services include document management, data entry, writing and sending letters and emails, health and safety and employment records, job descriptions and employment agreements.

Because we are certified bookkeepers, we can also monitor finances to ensure you’re getting paid by your clients and that your outgoing payments for payroll and suppliers are on time.

We can also look after all the forms and reports you need for government departments, trade associations, training applications and health and safety recording.

Do you have an apprentice? We’ll set up your Apprenticeship Boost and any other entitlements to business support for you.

Monteba Business Solutions bookkeeping


One Off Projects

One of the great things about hiring a virtual assistant is that you can access specific skills for the support you need. No matter the project or task, run it by us, we have a pool of admin talent to draw on and love a challenge!

Human Resources

We provide the documentation you need to hire staff, including employment contracts that comply with the latest legislative changes and letters of offer. We can help you manage the process further if needed. We can also help with human resource issues or point you in the right direction for further advice.

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