Terms and Conditions

Privacy, confidentiality & terms of trade


Both Monteba Business Services and the client agree the relationship being established is one of mutual trust and that all information and documentation between both parties shall remain confidential at all times.

The client makes the decisions regarding their business. Monteba Business Services carries out the client instructions within the parameters of the service requested.

Monteba Business Services will perform the services with the reasonable standard of skill, care and diligence expected from a professional business. The client agrees that they are the driver and seller of their services/products. Monteba Business Services provides the practical business support and day-to-day administration.

Monteba Business Services are not accountants, business consultants, coaches or mentors, human resource managers or legal advisors. The client will still need their own professional business advisors. The client consults with their legal and financial advisors whenever necessary, e.g. company structures, end of year financials etc.

Monteba Business Services carries out all services on the basis of the information provided by the client:
As the client you are responsible for providing Monteba Business Services with correct information/data/paperwork within specified timeframes as defined by Monteba Business Services.

Monteba Business Services is not responsible for any omissions that occur as a result of such information not being provided at all or within specified timeframes; for the completion of administrative or book keeping requirements, IRD returns or compliance.

Monteba Business Services works to current IRD legislation and is not responsible for the legislation not being met by the client.

Monteba Business Services undertakes to discuss basic financial matters, and provide reports documentation from the computerised accounting package compiled with paperwork and information provided by the client. If you currently use computer accounting software Monteba Business Services will upgrade your files to our multi-user system in order to manage your financial requirements. Should you leave Monteba Business Services’s services at any time, there may be a cost to you to revert your files to a single-user software application as well as the preparation of your files for release.

Following consultation with the client Monteba Business Services will present a proposal outlining the specific service fees to the client. On signing the Rules of Engagement and the Confidentiality Form and payment of the set up fee, services will commence on the agreed date.

Monteba reserves the right to review the rate of payment by the client at three months and every 12 months following OR at any time the nature or volume of the work changes.

Either party may terminate this agreement  by giving the other seven (7) days notice in writing of termination.



This policy sets out how we handle website usage information and email addresses.

Website Usage Information

We do collect information about how people use our website in order to improve our site and keep the information current and valuable. Our internet provider makes a record of your visit and logs the following information only for statistical purposes – the users IP address, the domain signature e.g .co.nz, the time and duration of your visit and the type of browser and operating system used.

Email Addresses

We record your email address if you subscribe or contact us. This is added to our database to communicate with you directly about Monteba Business Services. We will never sell, rent, loan, trade or lease the information in our database to anyone. All information is handled and saved according to the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993.


Our objective is only to send email to those who want to receive it. Please use the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of every email newsletter and you will be immediately removed from our database.

Confidentiality agreements

When you engage Monteba Business Services to provide business management and administration services we understand that you will have disclosed to us certain confidential information to enable us to deliver support services to you.

Monteba Business Services understand totally that any information provided by you remains absolutely confidential.

No disclosure shall be given at any time unless authorized by you. The only exclusion to the above will be in any legal proceedings where Monteba Business Services is required by law to disclose certain information.