Outsource your Admin Services

What’s The Worst Part Of Being A Self-Employed Tradie?

For many tradies the worst part of being self-employed is having to handle the admin.

Who wants to deal with invoicing, making the pay-roll payments, paying suppliers on time, and many more boring tasks.

If you employ a new staff member, have they been given their Job Description and Employment Agreement?

Not to mention all the forms and reports you have to send in to the various government departments, the trade association, training documents, Health and Safety records.

The list goes on and on.

What makes it worse is that you have little choice in doing any of these boring admin jobs. Many are obligations to the government or other administrative bodies. Worse still, if you fail to supply the reports on time, then you are potentially liable for penalties.

On top of all these tasks, you have useful admin like taking calls from customers or suppliers. If they all call you while you are out on a job, that is one interruption after another. The result is that a job takes longer to finish which means you get to take on fewer jobs and therefore have less income.

Office Admin Is A Pain

The Solution – Outsource Office Admin
Outsourcing sounds fancy, something big companies might do. But for tradies something like it has in fact been a common choice for a long time. Often a partner or wife will take on the admin role to help the business save costs. But is it something they want to do? Are they even any good at it?

Another option has been to employ a part-time office person.

The problems with this are that you have a fixed cost by employing someone, which entails more pay-roll and reporting. But perhaps the biggest problem is that if they are only working part-time, then you have to take on the work when you are supposed to be out on site.

The modern-day option of outsourcing your admin solves all of these issues.

  • No extra employee which saves fixed costs, employment issues, and more pay-roll.
  • You get an expert, trained in all the admin roles.
  • You have someone who actually wants to do the admin job.
  • You have someone available throughout the working week to chase overdue invoices.

What Can Outsourced Office Admin Do For You?
We can help you with a wide range of admin task to make your business run smother.

Assistance work including:

  • Writing and sending letters or emails
  • Chasing payments
  • Document Management
  • Data entry
  • Health and Safety records
  • Employment records
  • Issuing Job Descriptions and Employment Agreements
  • Managing staff holiday schedules
  • GST Filing
  • Issuing invoices
  • Handling payments to suppliers
  • Pay-roll records
  • Software Tools
  • Jobbing software like Fergus
  • Bookkeeping like Xero

Free Up Your Spare Time With Outsourced Admin

All of these jobs take time from your weekend or evenings. You lose family time or space to play your sports or hobbies. When you outsource your admin, we can free up hours a week for you, and ensure that your business is working better with calls answered, invoices issued, and payments chased.

If you want to get your time back, call me on 021 259 0120, email kim@monteba.co.nz, or visit our contact page.