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Managing administrative tasks is challenging for every business entity regardless of its size, nature, and scale. In case you are running a trade business that provides plumbing or electrician services, the administrative tasks can be even harder to accomplish. This can directly affect the profit your business and may you end up losing your clients if not managing these tasks properly.

The solution to this problem is to rely on Monteba services. They are a Fergus Software Partner that is renowned for helping diverse business entities to grow and prosper. Fergus Software is specifically developed by trade experts to facilitate the trade entities in order to manage their large projects. This online job management software is suitable for small and mid-sized trade businesses.

Kim Monteba Fergus Software Partner

Fergus Software for Plumbers

Fergus Partner Kim Monteba is at the helm of managing business and accounts at Monteba that offers services to trade entities to operate their business in a smooth and efficient manner. She has over 15 years of experience in marketing management and customer services. She is also expert in providing system integration services. Her passion lies in assisting businesses to get successful and this is exactly what she offers through Monteba. Viable administrative solutions will be drafted for your business keeping in consideration its scale and services.

Connect with Monteba

Connecting with Monteba offers uncountable benefits for trade organisations. Let’s have a look at some of the ways how Monteba can help such trade operations to run their business:

Fergus Software for Electricians

Managing the Admin Tasks in a Professional Way

The most prominent feature of Fergus Software is that it can help businesses to streamline different processes and manage admin tasks in a professional manner. All the admin work, with the help of Monteba services, will be completed on time. Payments will be made on time and other admin tasks will be completed efficiently. This way, no deadline will be missed and you will be able to satisfy your clients and employees as well. Ultimately, the result will be enhanced profitability of your trade endeavour.

Managing Paper Work Right on Time

Paper work requires time and this is exactly what most of the admin staff is short of. They have so many other things to take care of; hence, this often takes a backseat and ultimately gets neglected. The admin staff is left with no other option but to complete the paper work at the last minute. This leads to errors in the paper work, which can create problems in the long run.

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Focus on Growth of Business

All the hassles related to admin task management will be eliminated if you are relying on Kim Monteba Fergus Software Partner. You will have to do nothing but to focus on your business’s growth as all the management and admin tasks will be dealt in an effective manner. Instead of wasting time on paper work and other admin tasks, you will be free to concentrate solely on different aspects to grow your business.

Multitasking Made Easy

Another outstanding feature of Monteba is that it makes multitasking easy. If you are juggling at multiple jobs at a single time, there are chances of missing out on key information of any particular detail or neglecting its status. Fergus Software will provide you with a visual dashboard. On this dashboard, you will be able to see the status and details of all the jobs under operation. This will also enable you to restart or resume any task that have been halted.

In case of multitasking, with the help of Kim Monteba, you will also be able to set priority level for each task at hand. Furthermore, you will also be able to have weekly accounts support in order to manage your accounts properly.


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Automated Processes

If you are connecting with Kim Monteba and availing our services, all the processes of your business operations will be streamlined and automated. There will be no more requirement of manual data entry, order and material management as all the work will be completed in an automated manner. With a single click, you will be able to place an order for supplies and materials. Furthermore, invoices will be made in an automated manner.

All the services Monteba and Fergus Software offer are available at market-competitive rates. You can expect complete value for money if you are using Monteba for your trade business. It will make managing tasks utmost easier for you. There will be no missing information, missed deadlines, and errors as all the admin work will be handled in a professional work.

So, get connected with Kim Monteba now and streamline your trade business’s admin tasks. There are different Fergus Software onboarding packages available. Each package differs in terms of services provided and rates. Carefully go through each of the packages and select the one that is suitable for your business. 

 Fergus Software Partner Kim Monteba