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Fergus Software

Job management software that will scale as you grow.

All the features you need to run your office, manage your team, and scale your business.

Fergus Software - Our Story

Fergus is the brainchild of Dan Pollard, a veteran Tradie. He dreamed it up a few years ago, while he was knee deep in the trenches of running his own trades business.

After going bust once and burning out once, Dan figured out that a trades business needs proper systems in place to keep it running – without running its owner into the ground.

In his search for great systems he developed Fergus, and it was so good he was able to grow his business from 4 vans to 24 vans in less than 4 years. In fact, he even worked himself out of a job.

Fergus Software - Our Promise

Dan and the rest of the team at Fergus have made it their mission to build truly successful trade and service businesses that stand up on their own, without the owner.

How are we achieving our promise? By giving businesses the right tools at the right time to get the job done without wasting any time.

We’re the operational backbone, taking care of the day-to-day and providing complete clarity and control. We’re giving business owners the time and smart insight they need to grow and succeed.

Fergus Software Partner

Fergus Software Helps Manage Your Day

A second brain for your business

The pain of running a trades business is in the detail. Tracking jobs. Creating quotes and invoices. Scheduling teams, and rescheduling them. Fergus automates, simplifies and manages your tasks, like a second brain for your business.


Never miss a detail again

Easily juggle hundreds of jobs at a time, without a single detail slipping through the cracks. Our visual dashboard tracks the status and state of every single job so you don't have to.

Easily select jobs and reconcile outstanding tasks
Prioritise tasks with our traffic light system
Instantly know the status of every job
See what needs your attention at a glance

Get rid of manual data entryFergus Software Partner - get rid of manual data entry

Fergus Software kills paperwork with smart automatic data population. Templates, online price books, pre-set margins and markup means typing can (almost) become a thing of the past.

Build and populate quotes in an instant
Use digital supplier price books to add line items without data entry and group popular items to create quick quotes for regularly recurring jobs.

Order materials with one click
Purchase orders are automatically populated with line items once a customer approves a quote. Simply review, approve and send to the supplier straight from Fergus.

Automatic invoicing
Time and materials are instantly loaded into customer invoices, straight from the job site. Simply review and approve to complete.

Simplify scheduling

Whether you're dealing with urgent call outs, or temperamental weather (or clients), we make scheduling and rescheduling your team easy.

Instantly update teams to scheduling changes
Set up automatically recurring jobs
Schedule groups, teams and individuals
Drag-and-drop scheduling

Manage Your Team

Build homes not paperworkFergus Software - keep your team on the road

Get better communication and lose tedious tasks, so you can focus on developing great tradies, instead of never-ending paper trails.

Keep your team on the road

Get job and task information to your team, no matter where they are. Real-time updates keep your team moving so you can max out your billable hours.

Remote tasks
Team notifications
Remote job cards
Instant job notifications

Stop chasing paperwork

Chasing job details, purchase orders, and time on-site can drive you crazy. Our easy-to-use mobile app gets rid of time-consuming tasks so your team can spend more time on the tools.

Track Health and Safety hazards and log compliance on-site
Add purchase orders, files and photos to the job card
Select and load materials remotely
Log time on-site with start/stop timerFergus Software - know where your team are

Know what your team is doing no matter where you are

Manage your team from the office or on the road. GPS tracking and real-time job information lets you keep track of the team, and what's happening on-site, from anywhere.

Real-time job information
Visibility of job details
GPS tracking

Fergus Software - Grow your business

Grow Your Business

Get your head above water

When you run a business, it can feel like you are drowning in details. You’re so busy thinking about what’s happening today that you can’t get your head up. Fergus Software has the little things covered so you can get smart with job management.

Get a bird’s eye view of your businessFergus Software Partner - Grow Your Business

See how your business is tracking at a glance with our visual dashboard. Know exactly what needs doing, what’s causing a hold-up, and what your cashflow will be months in advance.

Get a visual overview of all your jobs

See the stage and status of every job on your books. See where problems are right away and resolve them – then and there.

Forecast your cashflow

Never be surprised by a shortfall of ready cash again. See your cash flow from quoted jobs through to invoices paid - instantly.

Drill into the details, make better decisionsFergus Software - Drill into the details

Detailed reporting gives you the insight you need to make informed decisions and get your business growing. Don't wait until the end of the financial year to know where you're at.

Job reporting

From a WIP overview, through to individual job reports, get a clear view of how your jobs are tracking and where they come from.

Employee reports

Track individual performance, payroll, timesheets, and catch opportunities to maximise charge out rates and material mark-ups.

Business reporting

From monthly profit and loss, through to a detailed yearly calendar - get a full understanding of the state of your finances.

Know paperwork is sorted, have peace of mindFergus Software Partner Kim Monteba - Hazards Reporting

Fergus tracks all your important paperwork, all in one place - so you can rest easy knowing nothing will slip through the gaps.

Health and Safety

From logged meetings through to Safe Work Method Statements and full compliance reports, you can make sure everything is covered, without you being there to chase the team.

Certificates and Compliance

Certificates of Compliance (COC) and Electrical and Gas Certifications can be created on the job site and are instantly logged in reporting - against the appropriate job card.

Dispute Resolution

Customer logs, job files and photos, hazard logs, GPS tracking, email history, terms of trade, and more - all easily located in Fergus Software - means you are protected if disputes arise.

Fergus Software Partner - Kim Monteba


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