What do our customers say about us:

Thanks to Deb and her team I finally got some spare time back to spend with the family and  myself to go surfing and get away from my business being a Marine Engineer. My business had grown and I was drowning in paperwork entering invoices etc once my work day had finished and the kids had gone to bed. I was wondering if it was all worth it but luckily I found Deb and her team who had the experience with Fergus and Xero and took over all my invoicing and reconciling, giving my time back, to have a break from work and enjoy it again. I have since taken on an apprentice which I didn't know how to arrange but it was easy as Deb sorted it all for me.

They are a great friendly team and nothing ever is an issue for them to sort for me. They also  keep me on my toes to keep on top off things and not fall behind.
JW Marine


From the very first time we met with Kim, the training that she provided for our business was a wealth of knowledge that was only just the beginning.  From showing us how to set up Fergus correctly to learning little tricks to give both our admin and plumbers the tools to run our business more efficiently has been invaluable.  We have seen the benefits of time management within our business since we have had Monteba onboard. On a day to day basis, the Monteba team help run Xero and Fergus in the background so that our staff can get on and get the job done, allowing us to focus on other areas in the business.   We have now been using Kim, Deb and their team for 2 years and we find them highly professional, approachable and reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending them for any business.
K-10 Plumbing


Kim has streamlined our systems Xero and Fergus, and now our business is accurate and easy to operate with reporting, invoicing and quoting. The growth in our business, profit wise has increased dramatically from Kim’s guidance and vast knowledge of both systems.  We can now utilise Fergus and Xero the best way for our Electrical Business.  Kim is very approachable and awesome to work with.  We have and will continue to recommend Monteba Business Solutions

JBS Electrical Ltd


Deb at Monteba has helped me grow my business from day one. With the implementation of Fergus and Xero and her professional and expert support, I am able to enjoy a great work, family life, balance. Her experience and knowledge is unquestionable and I fully trust her in all areas of my business. I 100% recommend Monteba Business Solutions.

Plumbing Construction


The team at Monteba Business Solutions have with their experience and knowledge have improved our systems dramatically. This has helped to increase our profits and stabilise our business. Having this work outsourced to professionals allows us to spend more time focusing on our customers. We certainly recommend Monteba's services.

Maintain Your Property


Hi Fergus users... we had a Fergus training day today with Kim from Monteba Business Solutions. We have been using Fergus for a few years now and we use it well... but the training from these experts today have taught us so much we didn't know. We focused on health and safety using the HazardCo app and Fergus, invoicing streamlining, template building, reporting, tips for getting terms of trade out to customers, staff timesheet accuracy... learnt heaps of tricks and would highly recommend spending the money and getting some training..., even if you think you use Fergus to its maximum potential. 

Evergreen Plumbing 


The team at Monteba have allowed me to focus on the growth and development of my business. With their knowledge and experience in administration and the trade industry, I can concentrate on what I do best and enjoy more family time. I have no hesitation in recommending Monteba.

Paramount Plumbing & Gas Ltd