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Not a Robot
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So what is a virtual assistant or VA and what do we do? No, not a robot…. we do breathe and eat however you are not obligated to provide morning or afternoon tea…. ever!  In a nutshell we offer administration support for you and your business working from our office instead of yours.

We are not employees and so a huge benefit right out of the blocks is that you can begin with a short term commitment and extend the contract based on how happy you are with our work.
You are not tied into an employment contract with an office employee who may not be the right fit for your business long term.

Whether it’s a long or short term commitment, we are a part of your team and are fully focused on the tasks and projects assigned to us with the same aim of success for your business.

Here at Monteba, we understand how busy you are, it’s the reason our clients reach out to us in the first place.

We are experienced administrators, able to take on responsibilities and get the job done on time with very little guidance or intervention once your initial expectations and instructions have been communicated.

Our services are flexible depending on your needs with some of the more common task requests being:
  • Bookkeeping – debtors, creditors and bank reconciliation
  • Payroll
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management

Schedule a call and see how Monteba Business Solutions can help you offload all of those mundane but necessary tasks holding you back from focusing on the things you love.

Published: December 5, 2022

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