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About US

Monteba Business Solutions

Monteba Business Solutions has assisted hundreds of businesses nationwide in streamlining their operations, using smart systems and processes, to increase profit margins and free up owner time. We understand the challenges of running a small to medium business and can help you reduce costs and improve efficiency.

How We Do It

We offer system set-up and training opportunities in the software that best suits your business. We provide experienced and efficient administrators to take care of those essential time consuming daily tasks so you don’t have to.

Everything and anything from email management and data entry to payroll and all your bookkeeping needs.

Delegating tasks to our experienced team eases the pressure and gives you back the time to focus on projects that can earn you money and grow your business.

Our administrators work from our office, not yours, and there are no binding long term contracts. We work alongside you for as long as you need us, no strings attached.

Who We Are

Kim Monteba – Owner

My passion is enabling businesses to grow and succeed by having the right technology, training and administration support behind them. As a business owner myself I know how easy it is to blur the line between work and home life. I love seeing our clients achieve a better work life balance and get back to doing what they love the most.

I am a certified bookkeeper and have been a job management system trainer for over 10 years. I work with a range of accounting, payroll and job management software programmes and am constantly upskilling and researching new products to find the best programmes available for individual clients.

When not working I value family time at home, connecting with friends and extended family, and regular trips ‘away from it all’ exploring our country with my husband and son.



Our Virtual Team

We have a dedicated team of experienced administrators, at the ready, to support your admin needs.

Hand picked for the range of experience and skills they have and each working to their individual strengths. We match the right person to each task, to give our clients the best results.

Our Values


We love the sweet smell of success and are motivated by both our successes and new opportunities.

Open Communication

We welcome idea sharing and understand the importance of clear communication in ensuring we deliver our service options efficiently and effectively.


We are a service-based business and know that when we treat each other with kindness and respect this radiates outwards into every area of our business. 




We are proud of what we do and how we do it and apply honesty, integrity and discretion in our daily practice.


We are always learning and looking to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 


We are resourceful. If a job needs to be done, we will find a way.


We are approachable, easily reachable, sensible, practical and ready to help.

Is It Time To Take The Next Step?

See how Monteba can work to your budget, free up time to help you grow your business and be the next step you take towards achieving a healthy work life balance.